A company where everyone has access to affordable creative media that communicates and captures audiences with diversity and creative passion.


To empower individuals and companies & develop a customized ‘voice’ through creative media. Aims to enable individuals and companies to promote their product & services through our creative media processes. To develop identity, brand and create a customized voice’ for your business. To create high quality promotional, photography, web, and print resources, that reflect diverse interests and unique qualities, develop brand label.

To reach and inspire audiences to new products and services with our creative media services.

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Si-Media’s highlights the corporate presence on the Internet by designing web pages and portals, creative and dynamic, according to the demands of each company. We also offer all services related to the development and optimization of the website, from programming, custom tools to the marketing of advertising space.

Aware of the importance of corporate image and marketing advantages that represents technology, Si-Media’s offers customized services in these areas and we offer our customers the latest promotional trends tailored to their needs.

Si-Media’s focuses on discovering the potential of our customers. From a simple website to a complex project of corporate communication, basic systems and advanced television and multimedia tools.

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Our Method


We Listen carefully to you and ask questions to determine your specification, for example: what your business goals are and how the website fits in with your overall Marketing Strategy.

Who your users are and what they need to get done, what should users type into Google to find you, We clarify this with keyword research.

We identify brand principles, company style of communication, brand colors, logo, language etc.


    From our fact finding in I create a few graphs and charts to record this data; sitemap to show web page layout, siteframe to show usability/calls to action, mood board and graphical mock up that represents your branding.

    We ensure users goals are identified and their calls to actions planned out in the siteframe.

    Using information architecture I map out your content for ease of navigation and usability and plan what technologies will be used in the project.


      A database is setup to store your data, a CMS so you can manage the website, programming languages and graphics create your custom theme, this is bolted into the CMS.

      Navigation structure is set up and content added with the correct keyword density.

      Web forms and calls to action are added, analytics for your web stats and finishing touches like a favicon and email boxes. The validity of the programming languages, content code, special features and email forms all need to be tested for better performance , stability and robustness.

      We test that your website displays correctly across a myriad of web browsers and that images are web safe.


        In depth keyword research and Search Engine Optimization can finely tune your website performance for its keywords.

        We usually let the analytics software collate data for a few months and from these finds we can tweak the websites usability to improve conversions.

        Email campaigns and social marketing can help bring in return visitors and keep them involved and updated.

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